Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the Land of Women

I remember wanting to watch this movie when it came out only because Seth Cohen was on it (you know, the indie kid from the O. C. who is completely in love with Rachel Bilson, AKA Summer Roberts and together have this totally romantic on-screen / off-screen thing going on- just adorable. I'm still waiting for them to get back together). 

I never went to see it but I remember it had bad reviews. I love watching movies that have bad reviews, it makes me feel compassionate. 

I'll step away from the format of my other two "reviews" and *serious face on* I'll continue with what I learned. 

1. Great conversations shouldn't be taken for granted. There are only a few people you can actually talk with. Not to; not at. Conversing. Back and forth listening, back and forth understanding. Good conversations are underrated and hard to find. Stick with the people you like to talk with; those people matter.

2. "...wake up! There's a big fucking world out there. It's messy, and it's chaotic, and it's never, it's never ever the thing you'd expect. It's OK to be scared but you cannot allow your fears to turn you into an asshole, not when it comes to the people that really love you, the people that need you." So be mad. Be angry. Be scared. But just be that, and be it for a little while. Then get over it. 

3. We shouldn't judge our parents. We will never know what's going on; what their thinking; or how hard or easy it is for them. It's so hard not to sometimes, but if we really feel like judging, there's a load of stupid people to criticize at wal-mart.

I just... on this very chill afternoon, I can think of a few people that I really miss. 

Peace and cupcakes,

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