Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Boy Who Could Fly

Here I sat, staring into the great white outdoors nothing on this cold and frosty evening wondering what the hell to watch.Yeah, yeah. I know I said I'd revisit only the movies I owned.

You know what? Own THIS. I can do whatever I want.

I used the netflix included in my super awesome PS3, a friend's account and decided (must find new word) to find something a movie. Two words: Children's Movies. Section. Thats three. Whatever. It's a wonderful world of buried movies; a graveyard of forgotten creations... movies that have been buried deep into my brain and covered by all the romantic-comedy crap that has for so long filled my every thought, move, idea, contemplation. etc.
After a few minutes of aimlessly searching in this genre I found (drumroll not needed: the title gives it away) The Boy Who Could Fly. 

OMFG!!! I remembered nothing except the crappy scene where they're flying over a school and everyone is running behind them. But this is such a sweet, sweet movie. Don't laugh. No. Really. It's sweet. A little treasure. Amazingly refreshing. I learned.... I learned.... I learned.....meh...a few things.

Very Obvious Lessons Learned:
1. Thank you Mr. CHI creator for giving me the opportunity to flat iron my hair without any frizzies.  Fro's are not cool. Nope. They are not. 
2. I'm old. I remember watching this and trying my best to fly. (Similar to the Matilda Disease: trying fervishly to move thinngs your eyes)
3. Now it's just outdated and unreal. Wonderful. But old. Just like me.
Bullies suck. And nice guys finish last first. In the end. Waaaaay in the end. past the credits.

Not So Obvious Lessons Learned:
1. Autism is a world unknown to me. I dare not even speak about the subject. I feel uninformed. I know that, however, there are many people that dedicate their life to these kids. Those people rock. Especially teachers.
2. Making out in the sky is better.
3. Clouds are, in fact, bouncy. Stupid scientist telling us otherwise. This leads me to number three:
4. Making out in a cloud in the sky is better than making out in the plain ol' sky.
5. More like a question. Why are the doors always open to the rooftops of humoungous buildings. I've always wanted to go up there... ALWAYS... literally. Lunch or dinner. Pre- or after- parties. Star gazing. Romance. Fun. Witchcraft. I want to be up on a frickin roof of a cool building with a cool person. It probably all started here. It's not true. Nothing is ever open. I feel bitter every time I think about it. 

Jealousy is real. That's what I learned. Give me pixie dust, give me a flying friend, give me open doors to rooftops, give me permission to rock my 80s frock, give. me. bouncy. clouds. I'm jealous.

Peace and cupcakes- 
P.S. Eric just flies away. I wonder if anyone ever saw him... Maybe he was friends with Elvis and Tupac. 

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