Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

You see, the problem with these chick flicks I watch is that some of them, I must recognize, suck. Big ONES. There's not nicer way to put that. As unpredictable as they maybe they still lack the umph in every sense of the word. 

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is just... another reason I'm glad not all movies make it onto the big screen.

However, I did say that with every movie I'd watch I could learn something, and I still believe it's true. 

1. Life doesn't go as we planned it. So maybe it's a good idea to stop planning.

2. I've always said (so if you start saying it now I'm totally going to judge you) that imagination is 1% creativity, and 99% perspiration. When it doesn't come on its own, you must chase at it with a stick. Creative people aren't just born with it. We learn to find it and work with it. We find those things that inspire that creativity and use them. We can't give up. Every. We can't give up hope. We can't give up trying. We can't give up faith. We'll get what we want when we're ready. Everybody deserves what they want.

3. I love you. I really do. There's really no way of not talking about you in this blog, so I'll just try and keep it to a minimum. But every time I watch a cheap little romantic movies, the relationships are so authentic, so free. And although we lack the good hair or the perfect clothes, we live the fun they pretend to have... and I love that... and I love you. 

Just keepin' it real. 

Peace, love, and cupcakes

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