Monday, October 10, 2011



I was robbed of a “real” high school experience. No one played hockey on the patio, there were no special events (ever), and no porno-writing counselor occupied the offices. As a matter of fact I think half of my senior class knew more than the people working there.  Ha ha. No offense.  Who am I kidding, no one read this anyway? My cousin could give me better advice than the counselors at school- and she’s two. *ga –ga*

What happened to Andrew Keegan? I know what happened to Ledger, but not to Keegan. jaja. Not funny yet? Chill, man.

“I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed. but can you ever just be whelmed?” “I think you can in Europe” jaaaaaaaaaaaajajajaj If you didn’t remember that then….then… *scoffs*

15 minutes into the movie- and I remember all the facial expressions, hand motions, and words-
Bianca: Where are you from? Planet loser?
Kat: As opposed to planet LOOK AT ME , LOOK AT ME. I always hated this line-
a k w a r d anyone?

“you don’t buy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it” jaaaaaaaaajajajja. the 90s.

I need “THE belly” for when I get daughters I can make them wear it before parties. That will make them think about it twice! *I speak reassuringly*

Romantic comedies:  heightening women’s expectations. aka Patrick dancing/singing a romantic tune publicly at his school's football stadium- nothing we didn't already know. just a friendly reminder that this is where it all comes from...and that it's not how it works. jaja

This part is my favorite- I want him to call in a favor for me, too. I wonder if Steve Jobs can help him. 

...and what the hell is Bianca wearing? I’m not even gonna upload a picture of her nasty arse looking prom dress...ugh!

and who can forget the undying words of KAT? And PATRICKS FACE (full of regret , *heart feels heavy*)  when he hears it? My god, if every girl had the opportunity to do this and every guy reacted like this the world would be filled with rainbows and pink bunnies. Instead there’s rain and crap-

THE BIG IDEA (Inside joke- I'm laughing inside)                                                                                        
Don’t let anyone ever tell you you don’t deserve what you want- 
lil scrawny boy gets the girl- 
jackass hottie ends up alone (for a while)
Scared girl opens up and gets the guy… AND A GUITAR.  
Geeks meets Geek

Truth is I learned absolutely nothing with this movie. But I remember exactly why I loved it: the music, the fashion, the story line and Heath … rest in peace (not funny yet, right?).  Check out the credits – gotta love the song. I don’t wanna say goodbye.

 peace. love. and popcorn.

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