Friday, August 5, 2011

Letters to Juliet

I was watching this last night. I didn't finish it because I decided my beauty sleep was more important- however, I've watched it plenty of times to write about it.

Win. Win. What.... wait... who.... um.... if you could only see my face right now. I don't understand the whole win, win thing. I wanted to punch him every time he said that. Of course I laugh- it's funny- but it's ...UGH! I'd kill him. No. I don't want you to win. I want me to win. Lets do what I want and you enjoy it. and then we can do what you want and I enjoy it. And nobody is winning. SHUT UP. no. NO! ajjaa seriously. no. *straight face* NO.

I promise I'll talk more about it.... I just.... am bothered by THAT. ajjajaa

Everybody deserves their Lorenzo- everyone. And we all need to believe, if we haven't found him, that he is out there. True love exists- it's just hard to find sometimes.

This makes me cry every time.

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