Friday, December 31, 2010

Project! Project! Project!

Hello reader. Stalker. Wannabe. Ha, ha. Just kidding. I'd been moping around doing my usual posting on the most popular social network and a stalker-friend (thanks Lorena) said , "you should start a blog".

Great idea. And (yes I can start a sentence with "and") to be honest it would give me a 2011 project that would keep me entertained. I love projects. Thing is, reader, I already have a blog; but it's private and personal and you'd find out I have issues all across the board. (Ha, ha!) Sooooo... as I was thinking about what my new blog could be about I decided it was very important to have a range of motion- feeling wise. It couldn't just be about love because, you know, I'd be too sappy all the time; it couldn't be about the Zacarias Clan because I'd be shunned; not about hate, because I don't hate ; cupcakes, the competition is to big; music, we already know THE BEATLES define music (jajaja that's for you Berronie); it couldn't be about just one thing- that's the point in this long run-on sentence filled with a bunch of semicolons.

My new blog had to be about something I love and a place where I can express my many faces. SOOOOOO (I need to find another word for "so") I decided (and another for "decided") to combine a few of my new year's resolutions (2 to be exact)

1. watch all my movies
2. become famous (jaja)

It is with great pleasure I present to you THE THINGS I LEARNED FROM A MOVIE; a blog about how life, no matter what everyone says, really IS like a friggin movie. :) I have tons, and I've decided to watch them all. (I won't tell you how many because then you'll come in and steal). Every time I watch one, I will tell you what I learned and how it can or should be applied to life or how it shouldn't.

I welcome your ideas, your comments, your sending my stories to Oprah so that my Quest to Stardom is quicker.

Here's to a New Year....

3.... 2.... 1... action

Peace and Cupcakes- Sasu

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